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FileMaker and Applescript.

Question asked by grinch on Mar 18, 2009
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FileMaker and Applescript.


I am writing a simple AppleScript, and I am getting a weird result and I can't figur out why.


I need to get the value of 2 field.  I use the folowing line...


get cell "description" of record 1 of database "discription generator"


And get the proper result.  The contents of the field description is returned.  However using the same line to get the contents of the field SKU


get cell "SKU" of record 1 of database "discription generator"


Returns empty ""


SKU is not empty however.


Both fields are  text calculations, both are unstored, as far as I can tell they are set up exactly the same.  The only diferance between the fields, aside from the caculation itself and the content of the field, would be when it was created.  Description was one of the original fields when the database was made, SKU was not created until much later.  The database only has 1 record, so I am sure SKU is not empty.  Filemaker sees the info in it, AppleScript does not.


Anybody have any ideas?