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    Filemaker and BarTender



      Filemaker and BarTender


           We manage a large database of patient samples. We are trying to find a way to link Filemaker to the barcode printing software BarTender for automation of printing when we click on a barcode icon (button) within filemaker. Is anyone familiar with the best way to do this?

           I know Seagul Scientific (the company that makes BarTender) includes a softwared called Commander that is supposed to help with things like this, but I am not very familiar with ODBC linking.


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               What barcode type are you using? Many can be printed directly from FileMaker simply by installing the needed font, not additional software needed. Some require additional characters used in error checking and such and a calculation field can provide the needed additional characters from a field where you enter the code to be used.

               UPC codes on the other hand, have to be registered with the appropriate organization (haven't had to do this myself) in order to ensure that everyone uses a unique code for their universal product codes.

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                 We are wanting to use 2D Data Matricies because the lids on each sample are very small. I don't know if this function is supported in Filemaker.

                 Thanks for your suggestion however.