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Filemaker and HTML/Hyperlinks

Question asked by RBowering on Apr 26, 2011
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Filemaker and HTML/Hyperlinks



I'm not technically savvy in Filemaker and haven't done any scripting so please be gentle with me. Also I think I,ve done a pretty good check of these forums and can't find the answer i want.

I have a website where I sell products. I'm now maintaining my product list in Filemaker. I use an online sales company (Tradebit) to host my products for download.

I have two needs of Filemaker (above and beyond data management and reporting):

1.  I have a listing on my homepage of all my prudtcs, containing 3 fields: Product name, Product description, Product hyperlink (text calculated field)

I'd like all the hyperlink fields to display "Get it here" but, in fact be a hyperlink to the url actually contained in the field

For example the record might say: 'Beat The Intro', 'Lots of Beat the intro questions', 'http://rogettes........1020120'

I'd like the third field to display 'Get it here' but actually send the customer to the underlying link. Examples at bottom of

2. On other pages I have some java code for each product that comes from Tradebit and displays the product and an image and price and links to purchase. I can create the java code for each product by using a calculation field. I want to output, either using Filemaker or whatever other way is easier, the products 2 across and as many as necessary down, see halfway down 

Although I do have products displaying currently on the site, it is a very manual process and want to use Filemaker to do the donkey work and, no I don't have a site with an underlying database system