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Filemaker and Mailchimp statistic?

Question asked by happyho on Oct 31, 2013


Filemaker and Mailchimp statistic?


     Dear All,

     We also know that Mailchimp can interact with filemaker, I have read some document  about the interaction between them but I still don't understand some thing:

     1. How can We send a huge contact email list from filemaker to MailChimp?

     2. After we sent the list below email to Mailchimp, Do we login on mailchimp site to send mass email to the list manually?

     3. Can Mailchimp send back its statistic data to Filemaker for instance the statistic about how many Click on the link in the email, how many user open the mail. And we use the information to make some statistic from filemake instead of viewing them from Mailchimp?