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    Filemaker and mysql: indexing problem



      Filemaker and mysql: indexing problem


      I'm starting a new business and need to create a database in order to organize customers, products and sales. I'm a newbie with filemaker so I downloaded the business productivity kit and I'm now personalizing it. In particular, I need my database to be accessible by other users both for reading and writing from different networks so I start replacing all the local tables with mysql tables from my server. The problem is that in this way I lost some "indexing" functions....I mean that, for example, I can't create lists of values using data from mysql tables cause, it's said, fields are not indexable, or, another example, I lost that usefull function that allow to auto-complete the customers information fields in the sales table filling in, for example, the customerID (using a value list - problem above) and automatically take the other data from the customers mysql table, related with the first one.


      I don't understand if the problem is in mysql tables or where? (I'm a newbie also in mysql area)


      So if anybody can help me... thanks


      version: filemaker pro 9 (XP)

      starter kit: italian business productivity kit

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          You have found one of the current limitations of ESS - external fields from the external source cannot be indexed and therefore cannot be used with features such as value lists based on an ESS field (index) and auto-complete (type ahead) in an ESS field.


          Nothing you can do about it. Sorry :( 

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            Oh wow!! It's two weeks that I'm playing with filemaker and I've just found one of the limitations!!


            I've tryed to bypass this problem with a script that import in filemaker local tables the data in the mysql tables but I must go through a tab file. I mean that the script export the data of mysql tables in that file and then import them on local table.


            Could you suggest me an easier method??


            This limitation affect also the arranging of the field? example: arranging by name, date, etc..??



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              If you want the data out of SQL and into FileMaker Pro, you'll need some kind of export routine from SQL and then import through a tab-delimited file.  There is no direct way.  Once the data is in FileMaker Pro, you can index it, sort it, use it in value lists, etc.


              If you are going to be doing this on an ongoing basis, then you may want to develop a script to automate the importing of the file.



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                   You can import from the SQL table as an ODBC source, thereby skipping the need for a SQL export.