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Filemaker and mysql: indexing problem

Question asked by Brizio87 on Oct 16, 2008
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Filemaker and mysql: indexing problem


I'm starting a new business and need to create a database in order to organize customers, products and sales. I'm a newbie with filemaker so I downloaded the business productivity kit and I'm now personalizing it. In particular, I need my database to be accessible by other users both for reading and writing from different networks so I start replacing all the local tables with mysql tables from my server. The problem is that in this way I lost some "indexing" functions....I mean that, for example, I can't create lists of values using data from mysql tables cause, it's said, fields are not indexable, or, another example, I lost that usefull function that allow to auto-complete the customers information fields in the sales table filling in, for example, the customerID (using a value list - problem above) and automatically take the other data from the customers mysql table, related with the first one.


I don't understand if the problem is in mysql tables or where? (I'm a newbie also in mysql area)


So if anybody can help me... thanks


version: filemaker pro 9 (XP)

starter kit: italian business productivity kit