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Filemaker and Stored Procedures

Question asked by ChrisWoods on Aug 16, 2012
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Filemaker and Stored Procedures


I'm considering Filemaker as a solution but wanted to find the answers to some questons below first.

I have a range of SQL Server Stored Procedures that return results given a set of parameters.  These are called from client PCs. The load is taken by the server, with just the resilts being returned.  The stored procedures have If statements and sometimes loops etc too so they're more complex than Views.

I have read that in FileMaker, you can call a Stored Procedure through ESS but cannot access the output.  Is that true?  it seems a little odd.

As an alternative, I wonder if FMP can hold the logic itself and send it to SQL Server at run time.  I would want the processing to happen on the server though.  Is that a crazy idea?