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    Filemaker and telephony



      Filemaker and telephony


      I seem to have been going round in circles with this one - can anyone tell me what hardware and software I need to be able to dial directly out of filemaker.  I'm currently using FM 10 with an imac on OSX10.6.7 (not using a PBX just single outgoing phone line)  Ideally, I'd like to use a wireless headset and also would like the facility to mute the phone at my end whilst listening to the client.  Any suggestions much appreciated.


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          I don"t believe that this is supported on MAC OS X.  It only works on Windows and iOS devices.  Check the FileMaker Help for "Dial" to confirm with your version.
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            Thanks Jade, I'm now thinking of buying a PBX phone system as 24u's Phone Companion filemaker plugin seems to be the only way to go - it only works with PBX, not single line apparently.

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              That's quite an investment.  Good luck with it.  Would an iPad/FM Go solution be less expensive if you only have a couple of service representatives?

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                Need it on my imac ideally but is there an ipad solution, sounds good, do you have any further info?

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                  I know that you can use FM Go either networked to your FMP solution on your iMac or in stand-alone mode when the solution is downloaded to FM Go on the iPad. The iPad does not support telephone service (at least with my carrier) but it does support VOIP services like Skype.  What I don't know is whether or not you would be able to connect to VOIP using the dial script step within FileMaker Go.

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                    "What I don't know is whether or not you would be able to connect to VOIP using the dial script step within FileMaker Go."

                    I believe there's also a way to use Open URL to do this...

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                      I guess the question then becomes: Can FMP access VOIP services using Open URL on the iMAC?

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                        I don't know, I'm just trying to recall details from an earlier discussion. If you can do it from your web browser, you should be able to accomplish the same from FileMaker with Open URL as long as this is a straight URL entry you can see in the URL box at the top of your browser. (Not for example, interacting with a control on a web page that uses Java to do this...)

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                          I know this is an old post but maybe this will help someone else who is looking to do the same thing. Way back at Filemaker v.2 I used an application to dial numbers with Filemaker. The app was called "Acid Jazz" and it sent apple events to dial numbers using the modem. Here's how I did it. I had a button which ran the call script per the phone field which would then call Acid Jazz to dial the number. It would send the instruction to my modem which would pick up the line and dial the call. It would hangup the modem after it dialed the call.


                          I used a telephone spliiter RJ-11 jack so the modem was plugged into the line along with a headset phone made by Plantronics. It was similar to the T110. I'd press the off hook button on the Plantronics and it would give me a dialtone (sort of like picking up the receiver of a phone). The headset was also plugged into the splitter along with the modem. I would click the button I made in Filemaker Pro which would initiate the call and I'd already be on the line while the call was being dialed, then the modem would disconnect and the script would enter the notes field and past the date and time and a space leaving my cursor right there to start entering notes about the call.


                          There are a ton of new ways to do this now but most of them involve using an iphone. The method above outlines a possible way to use a home landline. So if you're looking to create a database that calls and timestamps notes it's probably never been easier to do.