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Filemaker and Time functionality

Question asked by simmka on Aug 15, 2014
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Filemaker and Time functionality


     I have no idea what to categorize this under but I was just thinking...I am working on setting up time clock functionality that will be integrated into a larger filemaker database system. The file will be hosted on a server and shared to many computers on the network.


     My question is, does filemaker get its date and time information from the local computer or the server in a situation like this? The reason I ask is, if it gets the date and time information from the local computer I need to figure out a way to prevent an employee from just manually setting the computer's date and time info to benefit them in the filemaker system (so if they get to work at 9:30 and they were supposed to clock in at 9, they could potentially set the time on the computer to reflect 9 and not have to notify management that they were late, benefitting their pay by 30 min). If it's getting the date and time info from the server that no one will have access to besides administration then I would think this would not be an issue. 


     Let me know if that makes sense.