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Filemaker backend to exsisting web page

Question asked by CarlSowden on Aug 11, 2011
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Filemaker backend to exsisting web page


Hi there,

having some trouble understanding how to use filemaker as a back end to a web portal.

The web portal is already designed so I cant (don't want to) use instant web publishing.

Filemaker will basically be the backend for a web page where clients can order the goods the want... these goods belong to this client and we just store them and pick them as requested.

My question is, how do I get Filemaker to "talk" to the web page and vica versa?

we run filemaker Server advanced 11 here as well as Filemaker Pro advanced.

I need up-to-date data on Stock on hand and order progress so that clients can see at all times (Via the online portal) what's going on with thier stock and orders and recommendations on what stock to re-order based on "low stock warnings" i have set up in file maker.


any advice or direction on this would be very appreciated.