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FileMaker Backups

Question asked by dg3321 on Nov 1, 2012
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FileMaker Backups


     After the recent hurricane on the east coast, it got me wondering about whether or not i'm doing enough to backup my database (which i created for my real estate business and use it everyday).  Luckily, my office was not damaged, but if it was, the only backup i would then have would be on my dropbox account and i wonder whether or not if that is enough.

     Currently, i use an external hard drive for apple's 'time machine', a usb thumb drive that i manually back up the file to at the end of each day, and lastly i do the same with my drop box folder.

     Can anyone share how they save their database and protect it both for security purposes and for the sake of not losing the information and the structure of the database itself?

     Thank you!