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Filemaker beginner tutorial screencast

Question asked by GuyStevens on Aug 20, 2012
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Filemaker beginner tutorial screencast


I've been helping people with filemaker databases for a while and it's a lot of work. The problem is that you always need to explain the beginnings over and over again because that's the most important problem people have when they start working with filemaker.

They don't know how to start making their own DB because they don't know where all the important bits are.

So I thought I would make a screencast. That way I wouldn't have to type everything out and create screenshots etc.

So here goes:

The tutorial takes you along to create a simple contacts database.

I hope this screencast makes it easier to follow along and it might help more people in the end.

If you want to see the screencast in a good resolution use the "Change quality button in the bottom of the youtube video:

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