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FileMaker Best Practice--splitting databases

Question asked by mmorin on Aug 19, 2014
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FileMaker Best Practice--splitting databases


     Hello!  I am relatively new to FileMaker having developed only a couple databases in it versus numerous databases in Microsoft Access.  A practice I've always employed in Access was splitting the database keeping forms, reports and queries in one database that then links back to the Data tables in a separate Database. 

     I have accomplished the same in FileMaker but it is rather clunky. Given they don't make it easy I wonder if I should even be doing it at all.  What I'm stuck on is how do I update a deployed system while not impacting live.  I recognize I can copy the entire database to a different location then make the modifications and just import elements I changed back into live.  But how do I manage that when there could be multiple changes and missing one change to a layout could be quite easy especially when you get into debugging and such.  Or if there is a lot of data, I don't really want to copy it all.

     I guess my question is how do others handle updates to complex programs.  It sure would be easier to have it all in one database, but I worry.

     I am using FileMaker Server 13 with clients accessing via FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro. 

     I am developing on FileMaker Pro Advanced 13

     I appreciate any insight you can give me.