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Filemaker Bug? Conditional Formatting Over Tab Controls Problem

Question asked by KenS on Oct 8, 2010
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Filemaker Bug? Conditional Formatting Over Tab Controls Problem


In an effort to improve the appearance of the tab controls, I have overlaid a gray bar and text that has conditional formatting. The problem is that the fill color doesnt seem to be redrawing correctly. to me it appears that the text/fill redraws differently depending on whether or not it is on over the tab control or not. I can add that the top/left of the text item is outside of the whole tab object, so it isnt part of any of the tabs. but you can see from the attached image how the redraw looks. This is after having the "Collected Fees" condition true, which added then fill, AND THEN clicking on the "Note Check", which should have switched the fill. The condition seems to work fine, e.g. it switches when it should, but the redraw isnt right. Additionally, I have tried this on three separate tab objects, one it worked fine, the other two like this.... Any suggestions?