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    FileMaker Bug??



      FileMaker Bug??


      I have encountered an odd behavior with my solution.  It is replicatable every time, however I can't find a problem with my scripts, and believe it is a bug in filemaker.


      My solution is a a basic invoicing soulution.  3 tables, inventory, customers, and sales orders.  Here is the bug.  If I open the solution and the first thing I do is create a new record in sales orders, then go to print it it disapears.  My print script is basicly show all records, omit record, show ommitted only, print.


      When I run the print script, the first record in the database ends up being the result of the script.  It is like my record does not exist.  If is show all the records and scroll through them, the record is not there.  I can search for it and find it, but as soon as I click show all, it is gone.


      Everyting works fine all the rest of the time, just on the first new record made when the solution is opened.   Is this a known bug? am I missing something, how can a record be created that does not show up when you choose show all?  I check the record ID and it is the next number in line,  (this case 5077).  I do show all and go to the last record and check the record ID.  It is 5076.




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          For your information there is a report a bug forum that includes a thread that tells what info Filemaker Tech would like to know so that they can better help you.


          In your case, it may be that there are problems with the file itself.


          Try recovering the file and if it recovers successfully, test the recovered file to see if that fixes the problem.


          Note: I don't recommend using your recovered file. If recovering the file fixes your problem, take a back up clone of your file and import the data from your recovered file into it.

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               It's a long shot, but.. did you commit your new record?
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                 Is their something in the relation used in that particular TOG which filters records?