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    Filemaker Button



      Filemaker Button


      Why is it that when I have a button from one layout that has a text and rectangular box grouped together to make a button works fine on 1 layout. Then when I copy and paste it to another layout only the top of the button allows you to click on it?



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             Why have a rectangle & text grouped together to make a button?  Why not just create the button, configure it as a rectangle, type the text into it ( it's automatically in text insert mode after creating), and apply any formatting you want to it?
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               Wow after creating around 200 buttons the way I explained, I finally see there is a button tool haha thanks! Is there a way to edit the text after it is entered in the button if you ever want to just change the text?
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              Sometimes you want to build your own button as you may want it to have a different appearance than what's possible via the built in button tool and it should behave the same on each layout when you copy and paste it from one to another.


              I created a simple transparent rectangle and centered some text inside it. I selected both objects and used button setup to assign it a single script step (Show custom dialog) and then copied it from one layout to another. I didn't find any differences in the behavior of the button on either layout.


              Both functioned exactly like you would expect a button to function.

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                   Yea, I had the header covering half of the button so yea that was that problem. But is there a way to edit the text after the button is made VIA the button tool if you want to change it down the road?
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                  In layout mode: Click the text tool then click the button.