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Filemaker Cache

Question asked by S W on Dec 20, 2009
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Filemaker Cache


Are there any documents which go into detail on the cache settings in filemaker.

Such as the effects it has over peer to peer networking, what size recommendations based on database sizes etc etc


It seems to be covered in its very basic form wherever I look.   


Such as 

  1. For FileMaker Pro, increasing the cache size may help but there is a trade off as explained in step 8.  This is set in Preferences.
  2. For FileMaker Server: Turn the statistic logging on and make sure on average that the % cache hit ratio is somewhere between 95% to 100 %.  If it's always hitting 100 % regardless of how many users and files are open then too much memory is allocated and the RAM cache for FileMaker Server should be set lower than the current setting.  If it's hitting less than 95 % then you will want to raise the database cache size.  The trade off in increasing the cache size whether it is in FileMaker Server or FileMaker Pro, is that the larger the cache size the less is written to disk until the cache is flushed.  This means if the application crashes then it can cause a loss of data as big as your cache setting.


We do not use FM Server, so cannot check the cache hit ratio.

Ive yet to find any specific recommended settings other than in filemaker it states 8mb is default, seems very low by todays standards.

Setting to 256mb seems to have very little effect, even with large data sets


What benefits does a larger cache provide in filemaker ? What does it actually affect ?


Its something I have not really put much thought into in the past, but as our clients data sets increase in size, I thought it best to try and find out more info. 


Thanks in advance