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    Filemaker Cache Question



      Filemaker Cache Question


      I'm on the verge of launching my database here, and just had a question about the internal FM cache. Should I have a script that periodically flushes the cache to the disk in case the database gets "overloaded" with use or something - too many variable changes, or users making changes? I just wanna back up my data in case of a crash of the database - and I just wasn't sure what the 411 was on maintaining a happy, clean, live-long, crash free database. Any advice, besides cache flushing is appreciated. Thanks!

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          That shouldn't be a problem. You can adjust the size of the cache as way to balance how frequently the host saves to disk vs. the slight slowdown that might occur at the instant it saves to disc, but you shouldn't have to worry about the system "overloading" and then "crashing".

          Your best defense against getting a damaged file is to follow some basic guidlines:

          1. Don't put a shared database file in a shared directory where multiple users can directly open the file. Always have it opened first by a host machine and then clients connect via Open Remote...
          2. Make lots of backups, keep many sequential copies and store some of them completely off site from your work location.
          3. Don't allow third party back up software to back up your file while it is open.
          4. Do not open a hosted database and attempt to make structural changes to it while others are using the file. Do this off the server or while there are no other users.
          5. Make sure the host machine has a healthy hard drive.
          6. If a file does show signs of damage, do not recover the file and then put the recovered copy into use. Instead, replace the file with an undamaged back up. You can open and save a clone of the backup file, then import all data from the recovered copy to load it with the most up to date data possible. With such imports, make sure you also check and update any next serial value settings for any serial number fields.
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            Ok cool thanks. I appreciate all that - great advice!