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    Filemaker Camera



      Filemaker Camera


           I have filemaker pro 12 advanced

           I have a membership database and when a new member signs up the staff can take a photo of them, or take a new picture at a later date if it needs changing.

           I have a webcam program called yawcam which takes a picture every 1 second and saves it to a folder, overwriting when it gets to 10 (eg I only have 10 pics in the folder not thousands)

           I have a button in filemaker which runs a script that goes to the folder and grabs the last taken image and then inserts it into the member image container field.

           This solution is temperamental as sometimes the yawcam software doesn't work and filemaker is slow at grabbing and inserting the image.

           I have downloaded a trial of troi grabber but I am having difficulty making it work, does anyone know if it works on windows 8? 

           I have also tried video rapture also without any success, I think maybe I am using the wrong type of webcam but I cannot seem to find out which webcam to use instead.


           Is there any other way of being able to insert a picture to a container field direct from a webcam?

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               I would use an iPhone or iPad, then no plugins would be needed. 

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                 What we have working here is to take normal digital cameras and replace the standard SD chips with EyeFi cards. We've then set the EyeFi cards and software to automatically download into a shared folder on our network. (EyeFi SD cards use the local WiFi to download images to a folder in a computer on your local network.)

                 This is set up for a fileMaker 10 system so I didn't have all the bells and whistles possible in 12 to work with, but What I came up with was a combination of batch file command lines and Import Records | Folder to import all the images found in that folder into a table as embedded and then delete the files in the folder so as not to import the same files the next time.

                 The images are then exported to a different shared directory and re-inserted as "by reference" pictures. A simple point and click interface with buttons and scripts allows the user to look at the images in a portal and click one to select it for the current record.

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                   Thank you

                   I will try both these methods