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Filemaker Camera

Question asked by BrooksLeisure on Sep 26, 2013
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Filemaker Camera


     I have filemaker pro 12 advanced

     I have a membership database and when a new member signs up the staff can take a photo of them, or take a new picture at a later date if it needs changing.

     I have a webcam program called yawcam which takes a picture every 1 second and saves it to a folder, overwriting when it gets to 10 (eg I only have 10 pics in the folder not thousands)

     I have a button in filemaker which runs a script that goes to the folder and grabs the last taken image and then inserts it into the member image container field.

     This solution is temperamental as sometimes the yawcam software doesn't work and filemaker is slow at grabbing and inserting the image.

     I have downloaded a trial of troi grabber but I am having difficulty making it work, does anyone know if it works on windows 8? 

     I have also tried video rapture also without any success, I think maybe I am using the wrong type of webcam but I cannot seem to find out which webcam to use instead.


     Is there any other way of being able to insert a picture to a container field direct from a webcam?