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    Filemaker cannot share files



      Filemaker cannot share files


      Filemaker cannot share files because another user is already sharing files using Filemaker Pro on this computer.

      Please help.

      We have tried to open the database on both Window Vista and Windows XP.  Getting this error message with both computers.  We can open the database but the message will pop up three times before the database is operational.

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          If you completely power down the computer, disconnect it from any network (wireless and wired) then reboot the computer and Launch FileMaker without opening any files, do you get this error message?

          If so, I'd uninstall and re-install FileMaker to see if that makes a difference.

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            We have installed - reinstalled three different times.  We have updated the database, we have disconnected the network, firewalls, etc.  Still nothing.  The error only appears at the start up of a database that was created.  The database has been opened in Mac and seems to operate correctly but does not open without the error in Windows.

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               The error only appears at the start up of a database that was created.

              If the error only appears when opening a specific file, then the most likely explanation is that this file is damaged. Try recovering the file and see what is reported by the recover process. If the recover doesn't report any problems, go ahead and test the recovered copy by opening it on the windows machine to see if the error still appears.

              Things to keep in mind about recover:

              Recover does not detect all problems
              Recover doesn't always fix all problems correctly
              Best Practice is to never put a recovered copy back into regular use or development. Instead, replace the damaged file with an undamaged back up copy if this is at all possible. You may have to save a clone of the back up copy and import all data from your recovered copy to get a working copy with the most up to date information possible.

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                I have exactly the same problem. I have already uninstall and reinstall both, the FileMaker Pro 11 and the FileMaker Sever 11 as well as playing with the sharing options from FileMaker Pro and the sharing of System Preferences and I still get the same error. What else is there to do?

                Does the configuration for the port has to do with anything?