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    filemaker capabilities



      filemaker capabilities


      This is a question about capabilities. I'm not asking for a "how to".

      I have aclient with the following needs:

      • He has 1600 sales people in North America
      • Each salesperson must use webcam to record their presentation (probably .wmv format).
      • Following recording salesperson is to fill out form with date, name, location and attach the .wmv file.
      • File is then uploaded to sa website.
      • Specific people can then search the web database and access video file.

      Is Filemaker pro capable of this?

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          You are talking about a Multi Gigabyte database generated from mulitple computers with probably less than computer savvy users.

          Equiping 1600 people with a copy of Filemake would probably exceed your budget by an order of multitude.

          I am unable to point you in direction.

          Maybe SalesForce.com, very maybe.