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    Filemaker container limitations??



      Filemaker container limitations??


           I've created a simple database to store scanned documents - PDFs or TIFF files - most consisting of 1-2 pages, but some with as many as 100 pages.  I have several hundred documents each year, and hope that I can store all of my documents in one database.

           Is there is a practical limitation on how much scanned data filemaker can store.  Does it make more sense to store a link to the scanned document in the database (that wouldn't be as convenient)? 

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               Container fields in FileMaker 12 come with three different storage/insertion options:

               External Storage. If this option is selected files are stored automatically in a location you specify when you select this as a storage option in field options. This option is new with FileMaker 12. Do not select "store a reference" when inserting/importing files into a field with this field option. The inserted files are automatically "by reference" and selecting the option keeps the file from being stored externally.

               Inserted with "store a reference" selected. This is an option you can choose when inserting or importing a file into a container field. This stores just the file path in the container field and the file remains in its current location.

               Embedded. "store a reference" is not selected when inserting/importing a file and the container field does not have external storage specified.

               For large numbers of files, especially large files, it makes sense to use either external storage or "Store a reference" for the files. The convenience/inconvenience can vary a bit depending on what you want to do with the files once you have inserted them into your database. "store a reference" files can be opened with a double click on the container field and if the user then modifies the file and saves it back to its current location, the changes are automatically saved.

               For embedded and externally stored files, export field contents can export a copy to a specified location, such as the temporary folder. This is pretty easy to set up so that a single mouseclick opens this copy of the file, but it's a copy, any changes made and saved are not automatically saved back to the container field or external storage location. A script would be needed to re-insert the exported copy to save such changes.

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                 Thanks - that's very helpful.  However, I'm unable to specify a folder on my external drive (local, not networked).   Copying the path from finder appends the location to the existing FM database, not the external drive.

                 To use a local, external HD, how does one designate the path? 


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                        I'm unable to specify a folder on my external drive (local, not networked).

                   For what purpose? Where in FM are you trying to specify this?

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                     Figured it out.  No need to respond.

                     Thanks again.