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    FileMaker Crashes when attempting to Print



      FileMaker Crashes when attempting to Print


      MAC OS 10.6.2 FILEMAKER PRO 9.0.3. A single Filemaker File crashes FileMaker when I attempt to print. Do not even get the Printer dialogue Box to show. Have printed from this specific file many times before. Have many similar Filemaker Files which print perfectly. Have cloned this troubled file. The clone also causes filemaker to crash/quit. Problem happens when I go the the drop down menu and select print. Have shut down and restarted computer several times. I had just imported a single recorded into this file before the problem began. I have tried deleting this "imported" record, but still have same quit/crash problem.Any suggestions.




      John L. 

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             Use recover to create a recovered copy of the file and test it to see if it works. It could be that your file is damaged and needs to be replaced with an undamaged back up copy.
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            Hi Phil,


            Thank-you very much.


            Problem solved with recover command.   Forget this command even existed.

            Remember having used it once before many years ago. 


            Back printing.


            Much appreciated.


            John leClair 

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              I don't recommend you use the recovered file for this. There's no guarantee that filemaker fixed the problem fully and correctly. It's safer to use a back up copy if you've got one.

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                   I am having the same issue with FileMaker crashing when a user trys to print a full iep. We are using Windows XP Pro SP2. When the user prints it looks as if it will go to the printer then it closes out FileMaker and then gives a memory dump error. It does it with any model printer does not matter and it is happening to multiple users all over my district. We have tried reinstalling FileMaker 9, upgrading to 10 and it made no difference it was working fine before and now it has become a huge problem. If anyone knows of a solution it I would really appreciate it.
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                  An explanation of the network design, how the database is served would help.

                  Did it work well at one time? What changed? (server, network, etc)

                  Is the problem with network printers only, or also local printers.

                  Are fonts all local or served?

                  Have you tried a simple vanilla database for testing?

                  Have you mapped the problem machnes? Are they all on one floor, one building?

                  Is any monthly maintenance done on the machines?

                  What firewalls, antivirus, internet security software is being used? Recently updated? 

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                       It did work well at one time because no one was complaining of this issue. Our users don't have local printers only networked printers. It is more than one building in our district having the problem. We do not do monthly maintenance on the computers themselves that is done once a year. We are using Symanetc at this current time. Nothing on the server has change that I know of. I have people saying it might be a print driver issue but we have not change the drivers and it was working fine before so I don't think it is the printer drivers. Could it be too many people trying to access the database?