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FileMaker crashes when printing to dymo 450 turbo

Question asked by Markkostner on Aug 5, 2014
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FileMaker crashes when printing to dymo 450 turbo


     Hi there,

     im having an issue when printing from FileMaker Pro 13 to a dymo 450 turbo.

     im printing a barcode label and if I use the 300x300 print resolution setting along with the 'text only' setting in advanced printer setting everything works fine, EXCEPT that the barcodes aren't always readable by the scanner.

     when I switch to 300x600 resolution and change to barcodes and graphics option, FileMaker just crashes.

     i have tried other applications ( word, excel, dymo label software) and they all work fine. It seems to be an issue with FileMaker only.

     has someone else experienced this and discovered any fixes?

     fm version: fm pro advanced 13

     os: windows 7 64 bit

     printer: dymo 450 turbo - latest drivers installed