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Filemaker Crashes when selecting an external datasource

Question asked by JamesSchwartz on Feb 6, 2012
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Filemaker Crashes when selecting an external datasource


I want to use Filemaker Pro 11 as a client frontend to a MySQL database (using it to supplement Navicat, which I have been using for years.

1) Using Actual Technologies "ODBC Manager" (v1.0.8), I setup a System DSN for the database I wish to connect to. The "Test" button on its configuration page of that app shows everything is fine.

2) I go to FileMaker Pro 11 and start a new database. I use "File > Manage > External Data Sources...". In that window, I click "New", give the Name (no spaces or special characters), choose "ODBC" radio button, click "Specify" and choose the Data Source I created in step #1. I then enter the User Name and Password for the MySQL database access. Click OK, then OK again to get out of the "Manage External Data Sources" window.

3) Back to the Filemaker database, I choose "File > Manage > Database", click on the Relationships tab, click the icon to setup a new table. The Specify Table window appears, I choose the datasoure I made in step 2.

Here is the problem, either one of these two things occur:

A) The list of tables from the MySQL database appears. Yippee! I select on one table to use. FileMaker crashes, with the "send report to Apple" crash reporter appearing.


B) There is no list of tables appearing at all.


Problem B occurs 90% of the time. There has been no success.

There is not problem with the MySQL database. As I mentioned I use Navicat on it several times a day. My FileMaker Pro 11 on a Snow Leopard Mac Pro, 16 GB RAM. This problem is repeatable, even amongst reboots.

Any suggestions, etc. will be appreciated.