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Filemaker Cross Platform (Mac / Windows) Compatibility

Question asked by mickwilli on Mar 30, 2013
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Filemaker Cross Platform (Mac / Windows) Compatibility



     Hi all,

     I have recently spent a pretty considerably amount of time creating a new solution in Filemaker Pro 12. I decided to totally rewrite one of our existing files in Filemaker Pro 12 and in the process change the structure and add a lot more features. This all went according to plan (apart from taking about 3 times longer then I'd though).

     I develop on Filemaker Pro Advanced 12 on Mac OS X generally, however we do have one or two Windows users that end up using the solutions which causes us problems.

     I have a laundry list of annoying oddities that seam to occur when a file which displays perfectly in Filemaker on Mac OS X, but cause issues on Filemaker for Windows. Here's a selection of the one's I've noticed recently:

  1.           The font spacing, particularly line spacing is bigger on Windows the it is on Mac OS X, so some things don't fit and printed pages look different on Windows then they were designed on Mac. And yes, the font's used are available on both Mac OS X and Windows.
  3.           On my newest file (created from scratch in Filemaker 12) a collection of images which have transparent backgrounds and display correctly under Mac OS X suddenly have white backgrounds when the File is opened under Windows.
  5.           A popup Menu that under Mac OS X the user can type and the list will jump to value in the list for quick entry doesn't work under Windows. The user must scroll through the list until they get to the right record. In my latest project there is over 1700 items in one popup menu and since the menu's scroll so painfully slowly, it can take ages to get to a value near the end of the list. This takes mere seconds on a Mac.
  7.           We're unable to copy and paste text from a web page shown in a web viewer on Windows where we can on a Mac.
  9.           Images and text sometimes don't print correctly (a top section of the text is cut off or an image is blurry) when printing a layout on Windows that otherwise displays as expected on Mac OS X.

     Overall database files that look rather impressive under Mac OS X just look off and somewhat wrong when opened on Windows. The Windows version of Filemaker just looks like a somewhat badly put together look alike to the Mac OS X version.

     With all that in mind, has anyone else come across any of the above? Are there any tips for ensuring Mac / Windows compatibility? Is the issue worse under Filemaker 12 or has it always been this bad? I have seen some commercial Filemaker solutions that seam to work and look almost identical on both Windows and Mac OS X, so I know it's not totally impossible to get things to work between platforms.