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    FileMaker Data Separation Model - Limitations



      FileMaker Data Separation Model - Limitations


           Hello, I am using FileMaker Pro 12 on Windows XP.  I am creating a FileMaker Pro 12 database in Desktop compatability view.

           When I change to Server or IWP compatability view, I notice that some of the following script functions are "greyed-out":

           Install OnTimer Script, Enter Preview Mode, Perform Find/Replave, Freeze Window, Show Custom Dialog, Import Records, Export Records, and Print.

           My database actually uses all these script functions.

           Could some one please advise that if I use a Data Separation Model, would I still be able to use these script functions?

           We will have only six users accessing my database at any one time.  So, I am wondering if I should possibly purchase FileMaker Server to help me deploy my database?

           I believe that FileMaker Server has slightly less limitations than IWP.

           I simply want to somehow deploy my database on our computer network so that our six users can start using my database with its current functionality.  That would mean being able to use the script functions described above.

           I thought that if I use FileMaker Server and develop a FileMaker Data Separation Model, then I might be able to achieve this.

           I really have no idea??

           Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

           Kind regards,

           Chris smiley

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               hi chris... i don't know much about this but i think i know just enough to put your mind at ease.  the compatibility does not refer to how the solution is deployed (local vs hosted/server), but rather it refers to whether the script is called by a client or scheduled to run on the server.  if you are simply taking an existing solution and hosting it on a server, then you will have no problem.  you would actually need to intentionally set up or "schedule" specific scripts to run on the server.  i am pretty sure that it makes no difference whether you are employing the data separation model or not... that is a different issue altogether.  so you can host a solution using filemaker server and use script steps that are incompatible with server managed/scheduled scripts without any problem.  what you cannot do, is use these incompatible script steps in a sript that is scheduled to run on the server itself.  here is a link to a filemaker page about this topic: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/6223/related/1.

               the situation is a little different with iwp.  in that case, if you simply publish an existing solution with scripts containing steps that are incompatible with iwp, then you will encounter problems.  hope that is helpful (and correct?)!

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                 Download a FMP trial on another computer, test the Sharing with your Filemaker Pro.

                 1]  Pay to have the database hosted by a Filemaker Hosting Service    [$20 to $50 per month]

                 2]  Host the database on a local computer with Filemaker or Filemaker Advanced - 9 Filemaker users can access it at one time. 5 IWP users.

                 FMP Server [$1000]   up to 250 Filemaker users access at one time  | no IWP users
                 Whether FMPS can actually handle 250 users depends on the hardware, network, and setup.

                 FMP Server Advanced [$3000]  no limit on FMP users  |  up to 100 IWP concurrent users



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                   Filemaker Buy One get Two until Dec 20, 2012  |  Filemaker or Filemaker Advanced

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                     one other thing you may want to keep in mind in making your decision about how to deploy your solution is speed. a solution hosted on the local network will run much faster than one hosted over a wide area network such as through a filemaker hosting service.  for most operations this won't be all that significant (whether something takes 0.1 seconds locally vs 0.5 seconds non-locally doesn't matter a whole lot).  but if you are displaying summary data (reports or charts, for example), or displaying many records that contain calculations (conditional formatting also affects this), the difference can be enormous (e.g. 2-3 seconds vs nearly 2 minutes to load for one layout i have... it would vary greatly, of course, depending on your solution, number of records, complexity of calculations being executed, etc.).  just something to keep in mind...

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                       Thank you johnhorner and DavidAnders for your kind assistance - much appreciated.

                       Kind regards,

                       Chris smiley