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FileMaker Database Design

Question asked by Terri on Oct 24, 2012
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FileMaker Database Design


     I'm sure this is FM 101, but I'm just not able to connect the dots and can't ponder any longer.
     I'm using FMPro 11 Advanced.
     I've attached a CSV. As you can see, the field names are:
     Season Year
     Master Style
     Style Num
     IPLM Style Description
     Color Code
     Color Desc
     Size Variation
     Each Product Code has a "family" of styles in it, for example, PC 1 has 5 items - each with their own unique style number.
     And each style number may come in a variety of colors. And finally, each of those PC/style/Color may come in a SS season and a FH season.
     Let me explain the end result before I ask any further questions. My goal is to have a layout that will show each product code for that season/year (so PC 1, SS 2013) as a record, with a portal that will show all the related style numbers and colors associated with that PC for that season. But I only want one PC per record. Right now, as I have it set up, I will see 67 records for PC 1 and the portal just repeats itself. How can I have just ONE PC record?
     Basic questions. What tables do I need in order to show the related records in a portal as I desire? Is it even possible as the CSV is currently set up?