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    Filemaker database merge with Word 2007



      Filemaker database merge with Word 2007



      I got a serious question:

      Is it possible to merge a filemaker table (from the database) with a Word 2007 file? With the DDE script i think it's possible. See the code at the bottom as preview:


      "[FileNew.Template =\""&FILENAME&"\"]"&
      "[EditReplace.Find=\"<<firstName>>\",.Replace=\""& WriteToWord::nameFirst&"\",.ReplaceAll,.Wrap=1]"&
      "[EditReplace.Find=\"<<lastName>>\",.Replace=\""& WriteToWord::nameLast&"\",.ReplaceAll,.Wrap=1]"



      The big thing is that some fields had to be replaced with the data of the table.


      Hopefullysomeone hasa solution.


      Kind regards,
      Jan Jaap van der Sluijs

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          Version of Filemaker?  OS -  Win ver or OSX?  I assume Windows.


          Google "merge word document site:filemaker.com"

          Link #6   [See Page 13]
          [PDF]    Using FileMaker Pro with Microsoft® Office

          File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
          Sharing Data between FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Word using FileMaker as a data source for a Word Mail Merge document. It is easy to add a new letter layout ...


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            Word uses a text file for the merge and you can export from Filemaker to match what Word needs as shown above.

            However, why bother with Word when you can print directly from a Filemaker layout and use all of Filemakers tools for the printing?

            It's easy to make a Filemaker layout look like the Word document and once you've selected your records you simply print using the layout.

            Plus you have the added advantage using Filemaker of creating a log of what you printed and when, something difficult to do using only Microsoft Word.

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              why bother with Word when you can print directly from a Filemaker layout and use all of Filemakers tools for the printing?

              Don't know if this is the case here, but there are a lot of things you can do with MS Word that you can't do with FileMaker and vice versa. Sometimes you gotta use a Word Processor for the things it does well and a database program for the things it does well. Fortunately, there are several ways FileMaker and Word can share data though once in a great while, I miss being able to access Words object model in FileMaker like I could with Visual Basic in MS Access.

              That said, I agree with Jack to the extent that if you can possibly produce an acceptable result from FileMaker alone, life is much simpler for your database.

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                I've used Word since the first version on DOS and every version since. Yes, there are many features in Word that aren't in Filemaker and I always liked the outliner.

                However the request seemed to be for mail merge but it might have something else lurking in there.

                For a simple mail merge letter I think Filemaker will beat Word hands down since there may be so many manual steps to producing the mail merge with Word. One of my clients printed and mailed 1000 invoices in one day from Filemaker, for instance. I also created and printed payment booklets and such. Probably put 24 little old ladies with typewriters out of work...

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                  I agree as long as your form letter is one page or less. Once you get a page break and discover you need "widow and orphan" control of how a paragraph breaks across two pages...

                  (This is where a paragraph breaks across two pages without leaving a single line of that paragraph all by itself on the bottom of the first page and also the top of the second.)

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                    Hey Jaap (Nederland?)  :)

                    I don't know if you know, but you could create a layout where you type the entire letter and just put a few merge fields for the name, adress, etc.
                    You could also put merge fields in the body of your letter.

                    I use this for all kinds of letters, payment reminders, contracts, etc.

                    This might be a way for you to make your letters.

                    If you need any help or any examples, just let me know.

                    I however don't have any experience in interactin with word.

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                      Can you not just pick up the Filemaker fields from Word using ODBC?


                      (I think I've used most of the Word version since DOS and, in contrast to Jack, I started from a slowly-fomenting loathing and have taken to every subsequent one of them with exponentially-increasing hatred.  In contrast to ClarisWorks and AppleWorks which I picked and used without ever reading a manual, I find Word contorted, confusing, inconsistent, obstructive, and if there is one example that typifies what I hate about it, it is that I can do a keystroke, produce a result I don't intend, and key Ctrl-Z and go straight back to.... somewhere I never was in the first place.  I realise that 'ignorance' is often ignored as the cause of thinking that an application doesn't work, so I have asked many people who have claimed, over the years to 'love it', and 'completely understand it'.  And when I ask them, " 'Oh, then how do you make it do...?', or 'Why does it always...?', or 'Can you explain...?' " they always reply, "Oh, I could never undertand that either, so I just use it for simple typing."  Exactly.

                      Not that I'm bitter, or anything.  But at least I've got that off my chest.)

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                        Microsoft continues to add features with each new version until it becomes so unusuable that Microsoft discontinues the product. Word, Excel and Powerpoint being the exceptions to being discontinued.

                        Use the delete button or backspace key to delete the errant character... Cntrl+Z will step you backward through various editing phases or is it saved versions?

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                          So, I type 'This is the header', and then I do a 'return', and type a dash, and then type 'this is the first subject', then I type another return.  Word knows better than I, so it automatically indents it, adds another dash, etc.  I don't want that, because I've changed my mind about that last one character I typed.  So I do Ctrl-Z to undo it.  This time it does.  But then I realise I was right after all; I did want to start a second subject.  So I re-do my un-do by doing Ctrl-Z again.  (But hold! - maybe another Ctrl-Z undoes two steps?  Oh well, we'll see in a second which former step it retraces to...)  But this time it returns me to another line completely, that I never been to before, and with no dash or indent, but a paragraph return, or two.  To be sure.

                          So next time when I make a mistake by one character and start 'this is the second subject' when I realise I hadn't finished the first subject, I type one return then hit 'delete', expecting to go back to the last place I was typing.  But no.  Like Mother, Word Always Knows Best, so takes me to the next line anyway.  Without any dash.  But with an indent (just in case).

                          No-one has ever explained to me the logic of that, its use, its consistency with any other application behaviour, nor how it works.  When The Professors of Word that I meet fall at the hurdle, I know I would lose the will to live asking them to explain why a mail merge needs so many steps compared to ClarisWorks.

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                            Thanks for the tip, David (and I am aware that poor Jan Jaap will be annoyed at me seeming to hijack his post, but hopefully there are enough possibilities to be getting on with.)

                            I did the search you recommended, and found the options in Word 2007.  I didn't try turning them off, I admit - because I think they are going to, well, turn the auto-headers and bullet-pointing...'Off'.  If that is not the case, I apologise for you having cast Pearls before Swine, but what I would prefer (if I thought that I could ever become a Word Convert) is that I could leave the auto-formatting on so that I can avail of Word predicting what I want to do, but when I hit one character and then 'delete' it, it simply undoes what I just did.  Or rather 'it just did'.  I can't see the fairness of it grabbing my keyboard, entering all sorts of formatting stuff on my behalf, and then when I say 'No thanks' it goes off into a huff and just removes one little bit of the anticipatory strokes it did, leaving me to unpick the rest of the mess it made.

                            Maybe they should have included a 'I'm sulking, because you didn't appreciate what I brought home' expression on that wee dog they used to have.

                            Thanks, David.