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Filemaker database merge with Word 2007

Question asked by JanJaapvanderSluijs on May 11, 2012
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Filemaker database merge with Word 2007



I got a serious question:

Is it possible to merge a filemaker table (from the database) with a Word 2007 file? With the DDE script i think it's possible. See the code at the bottom as preview:


"[FileNew.Template =\""&FILENAME&"\"]"&
"[EditReplace.Find=\"<<firstName>>\",.Replace=\""& WriteToWord::nameFirst&"\",.ReplaceAll,.Wrap=1]"&
"[EditReplace.Find=\"<<lastName>>\",.Replace=\""& WriteToWord::nameLast&"\",.ReplaceAll,.Wrap=1]"



The big thing is that some fields had to be replaced with the data of the table.


Hopefullysomeone hasa solution.


Kind regards,
Jan Jaap van der Sluijs