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    Filemaker database on iPhone?



      Filemaker database on iPhone?


      Hi All,


      My first post. What would be the best way of getting my Filemaker movie database onto my iPhone? I've looked at Bento but is there a simpler way of doing it?

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          Thank you for your post.


          Bento is fairly simple, but you would still have to export your data to Bento 2.0v4 and then sync to Bento for iPhone.


          There is a third-party application called FMTouch that puts FileMaker data on the iPhone.  I have had no experience with it, and it is no way related to our company, but several users appear to like it.  For more information, visit www.fmtouch.com.



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            Way late, I know, but thought I'd post anyway.


            I'd love to get FMPro onto my iPhone but I won't buy Bento as I've already invested in FMPro. I won't buy FMTouch (yet) because it doesn't support a scrolling list view...and I need that for image databases.


            So as a temporary work around to get my info onto the iPhone (sadly not editable or syncable) this what I did:


            Created a Layout custom page sized for the iphone screen

            Reduced the margins to zero (removing header and footer)

            Selected Save/Send Records As... from the filemenu

            Chose PDF as the output


            Synched the resulting file with the free app Briefcase Lite


            I have scrolling versions of my filemaker files. Of course I have to update on the laptop but at least the info can be carried with me.