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    filemaker database remote access



      filemaker database remote access




      I have developed a database using fmpro11 and used IWP in-order to publish it in the intranet so that the staff can use it. the company i work is a stone company where they have various kind of contacts such as Manufacturers, Builders etc. and now my management asks me to find a way to let them access the database. and they are not part of the company so the company does not invest them to get copies of fmpro11. they want me to find out a way to let external parties use the database where they dont have fmpro11 installed in their pc's. what is the best and most convenient thing to do? please help.



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               You would want to look into one of the Web Publishing methods, which let you access via a web browser.  These include Instant Web Publishing, or Custom Web Publishing via PHP or Lasso.  Chapters 5 + 6 of the FileMaker Pro documentation cover such.

               If you don't want to host internally, you may also want to look at using a Professional FileMaker Hosting provider, such as ourselves.  Contact me privately if you want more information.


               - John

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            Thank you so much. so if will it be a solution for this if i purchase filemaker server? because i have already done IWP and it works only in the intranet. is this task possible in filemaker server?

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              It would be really helpfull if some one can confirm me whether my above assumption is correct. because i am stucked without been confident of making a decision and reporting it to the management. if this is possible with filemaker server please let me know so that i can purchase it and start working on it.


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                Not all posts get answered in less than an hour--especially on weekends.

                IWP does work for external access It is not limited solely to intranet access. However, port forwarding must be set up on your internet router so that your external users can access the database by specifying the internet address of the router.

                This set up with FileMaker Pro as the hosting application, limits you to 5 simultaneous connections from web browser clients, however. If you need support for more web clients, IWP requires using FileMaker Server Advanced--either purchased by you or by paying for the services of a hosting company such as John May's hosting service.

                If you choose to set up custom web publishing you can use FileMaker server to host the database for access from Web clients.

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                  Im sorry i was getting nervous because i had to hand over the weekly report so i was looking for a solution as soon as possible. thanks a ton. appreciate a lot. Smile