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Filemaker Database sharing

Question asked by jetserkok on Nov 24, 2014
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Filemaker Database sharing


Hi all, 

I'm looking for a simple way to share my database with others. Some questions related to this: 

1) I'm using FM13 pro advanced and I wish to share my database with other users. Can't I simply put the file on the network, and from there connect to it with several users at the same time? What would happen if I do? 

2) What is referred to as FileMaker Network Sharing or peer-to-peer sharing in FileMaker Pro has the disadvantage that the Host computer always needs to be connected when the clients wish to access right? So if I would like to go on a holiday, I would have a problem? Or could I temporarily set up a different computer as a host at that time? 

3) Instant Web Publishing seems to be a good alternative, but somehow its not under my menu in 'FILE > SHARING > INSTANT WEB PUBLISHING', anybody knows why?

Many thanks!