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    Filemaker Date format



      Filemaker Date format


      is there any method of automatically inserting a date so that it is actually entered (not displayed) as mm/dd/yyyy


      I need to ultimately export a date in the following format yymmdd manipulated by a calculation based on a date field (where the date is actually entered)


      using the Insert Current Date step inserts m/d/yyyy which becomes problematic when the months and days become two digits instead of 1


      I need the month to be consistantly entered as 01 for January as opposed to 1 and same for the day or I  need a complicated case of nested if statement


      Any ideas


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          The date is entered in the short-date format that is set in your OS or in the file (when created/cloned, the file inherits the formats from the OS).


          If all you need is to export the date in a specific format, you can format the field to display in that format, and specify 'Apply current layout's data formatting…' when exporting.



          A calculation is not that complicated either: 


          SerialIncrement ( "000000" ; 10000 * Mod ( Year ( Datefield ) ; 100 ) + 100 * Month ( Datefield ) + Day ( Datefield ) )

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            Just so everyone doesnt think I am being a leach I have come up with a possible solution using:


            Length ( Month ( date_real) ) and Length ( Day ( date_real ) )


            where date_real is the date as inserted via script


            I can speficy an output using left,middle and right functions based on whether the length function returns 1 or 2 digit values for the day and month, so 3 possible permuatations.


            This is for printing on laser cheques in Canada so I will post my finished solution when done.


            If anyone has a more economical way of doing it I would love to hear 

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              wow now that was economical :) thanks I never new that

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                Hey guys,


                I found this post because it looks like the problem I'm having. Unfortunately, I can't understand the solution. I need to create a calculation that pulls two-digit year, month and day (in that order). When I use "month" or "day" in my calculation though, it still comes across as one character. I was able to pull the two-digit year by using the "Right ( text ; numberOfCharacters )" function. I have my dates formatted 00/00/0000 and I have adjusted my OS to be formatted the same.


                How can I have my day & month be stored as two characters?



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                  Hi enyko


                  the comment's formula makes exactly what you want.

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                    Thanks Daniele! 

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