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FileMaker Designed For Production Companies - Mac Based

Question asked by eyestorm on Dec 2, 2008
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FileMaker Designed For Production Companies - Mac Based


Hey all,


We're a creative production company finally looking into systemizing things a bit more and we're struggling to find an application that (1) Suits our needs (2) Is Intuitive (3) Looks fun (like any Mac Program). The last one is a big one for us. Most of the interface design for the FileMaker pre-made solutions looks really techy, PC based, and unexciting to use. For us, it's strangely a big deal. We like the look of the Mac program "Daylite" ( ) but fear it is too basic and non-adaptive.


Here is what we mainly need to use it for:


1) CDM - Attaching bids to clients & organizing relative data to each contact so that everyone knows what they need to know went on with that client.


2) Sale Cales - Who called, when, what happened, when to follow up....


3) Pipeline progression & Project Calenders - Deadlines and assigning tasks to complete job by job


4) Rate sheet relevant to client


5) Integration with email programs


We do lots of post-production and creative marketing services for our client's video needs. Can anyone recommend a pre-made solution or how to get a pretty good FileMaker pro Solution made for a botique production company with a wonderful interface design and relative work flow?


Thanks very much.