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FileMaker Development Environment

Question asked by ZoXo on Jun 17, 2010


FileMaker Development Environment


The situation:

I use FileMaker Pro Advanced when developing and maintaining.  Sometimes during development for IWP, I will have it turned on.  Sometimes it remains on even when I switch gears and connect to a hosted file on the internet.  Will this cause problems?


The reason I ask:

I have experienced application crashing and subsequent file corruption prior to relaunching and getting the error dialogue about a port conflict with IWP, where

it cannot use port 80 and asks for an alternative.


I can understand application crashing, but severe file corruption is a problem that is more than just a bug.

If this is known can someone please direct me to the info related to this?  Thank you.


OS: Mac 10.6.3


FileMaker Pro Advanced v11