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    Filemaker diary calendar



      Filemaker diary calendar


           I am trying to create a graphical diary screen in standard Filemaker that has appointments shown as a graphical element that is proportional to the length of an appointment.

           I can't see a way to change the size of an object in standard Filemaker, I can see people are selling plug-ins to do this but I would prefer to just use standard Filemaker.

           Is there a way to do this or am I missing something or do we have to go down the plug in route?

           Many thanks

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               proportional in hours or minutes?  Do you have a picture that illustrates the goal?

               Resizing a graphic may not be easy, if possible.  Creating a series of blocks respresenting hours or 15 minute increments may be easier.

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                 Filemaker is not super strong as a calendar.

                 I always use list views to display appointments or events that have start and end times.

                 But to actually display as in a calendar is going to be hard in Filemaker.

                 Unless, like DavidAnders said you make pre-created time slots.

                 But that's also a pretty tricky setup.