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Filemaker doc turned into unix executable doc

Question asked by StevenZarit on Feb 15, 2011
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Filemaker doc turned into unix executable doc


I use two old imacs for business.  They run on OS9.2 so that I can use an old (very) version of Filemaker.  It is 1.0v2.  I know, dinosaur, but it serves me very well until this month.  I shuttle info back and forth using a flashdrive.  Somehow, one of my files changed to an icon with PC in it.  I checked its info on my newer mac and found that it has been changed to a unix executable file.  There is no contact with anything PC, no internet connection and no problems before this.  Does anyone know how to get this info back into something Filemaker readable?  If necessary, I am willing to open it on the newer mac and then redo the spreadsheet manually on the old imac.