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filemaker erases files at end of day

Question asked by lorainejones on Apr 30, 2011
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filemaker erases files at end of day


I work in a testing center that uses filemaker pro to allow students to sign in, verifies what class they are in and also serves as a record keeper.

At the end of the day my manager has me search the files for the day I worked. I then use the save/send records as an excel file option to create an excel file. I open the excel file and alphabatize the records. I use this list to verify that the number of exams in the filebox matches the number in the excel file. After this I copy the filemaker pro icon on the desktop and save it on a flash drive. I also save the excel file with the date as a title.

In the past few weeks my manager arrives the next day and all of the files from the previous day are erased. I have saved the files like this for the past year and this has just recently began. It has only happened on my shift and she is convinced it is me but I have not changed anything about the procedure. 

Has anyone else experienced this?