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Filemaker files take a while to update when I copy them from iPad onto iMac

Question asked by GabeDiaz on Sep 19, 2011
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Filemaker files take a while to update when I copy them from iPad onto iMac


Hello guys. Thank you so much for all the help you have given me with my Filemaker projects recently. I VERY VERY much appreciate it!

Hopefully I can explain this in an understandable way and it should be a quick fix.

I have two files, we will call them "Form-Database.fp7" and "Form-Mobile.fp7". The Database file stays on the iMac and the Mobile files goes on an iPad. To sync the two, I copy "Form-Mobile.fp7" to the iMac desktop and then run a script from "Form-Database.fp7" which checks serial numbers and then imports any new records from "Form-Mobile.fp7".

Not all the time, but more often than not, I have the following problem:

After copying "Form-Mobile.fp7" to the iMac and running the import script, my script will tell me that it couldn't find any records matching the search criteria. I will check "Form-Mobile.fp7" on the iMac and sure enough, the new record isn't there. However, when I close "Form-Mobile.fp7" and then re-open it a few minutes later, the new record is there and my script works perfectly.

Another developer suggested that maybe "Form-Mobile.fp7" stays open after the sync which is why it won't update properly, so I added a "Close File" command to the end of my sync script. I ran the script and it worked fine, but when I came back and tried to sync again later, I had the same problem of the file not updating immediately.

Right now I am going to try adding a "Flush Cache to Disk" command at the beginning of the sync script to see if maybe that will update the file properly before it tries to sync. I am really not sure if this command does what I want, but it kinda sounds like it might help.

Anyway, I figured this may be a common problem so if anybody knows the fix or needs more details, I appreciate your questions, comments, and suggestions.

And please do not suggest I use Wireless and a Remotely Hosted File. That option is not viable in my situation.