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Filemaker Font Style Issues

Question asked by dragonFlyer on Feb 9, 2010


Filemaker Font Style Issues




I've checked previous posts, but can't find anything relating to this particular issue.


We've had some serious filemaker font issues at least since 9 and continuing into 10 (maybe even before that).

Issues are across both platforms - Mac/PC. 

OK, lets take just the font Verdana - in any application on the mac or pc, you can set the style of the font to regular, italic, bold or bold italic.

In layout mode in FM, you only have the option of chosing regular from the font menu (although it doesn't actually SAY regular of course) - the other styles do not show in the font menu.

Bear in mind, that I am NOT talking about adding font attributes here (bold/italic/plain) that is NOT the same as setting the font type, 

and gives a completely different result from the real font on screen and paper.


I have worked around the issue on the Mac by deleting the Verdana font 'suitcase' and replacing it with it's individual component parts - viz ...

Verdana, Verdana Bold, Verdana Italic & Verdana Bold Italic - this gives four seperate entries in th efont menu (BTW, these are all truetype fonts *.TTF).

This cures the problem on the Mac and  the fonts look _and_ print correctly (well Verdana does anyway - the problem still exists for all my other font families that I haven't modified of course !)


The PC is a different problem - doing the same thing - removing Verdana and replacing with its components - still only shows a single font - Verdana - in the font menu (yes, I've rebooted, offered prayers to the Lord Gates, checked the chicken entrails etc ) - it LOOKS like the PC only uses the first font of its type in its list.


If serving up a test DB on the Mac, the fonts on the PC are all plain - even though the full complement of font types are displayed on the Mac and ARE available to the PC (I checked the PCs font folder and they are there - HONEST :smileytongue:


Please help me before this PC laptop becomes a missile or I die of stress 




Best regards