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Filemaker for a sales guy

Question asked by b60boy on Jun 23, 2009
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Filemaker for a sales guy


I currently have about 20,000 names in and various spreadsheets.  I want to have my own database off so that I can have access of a subset of this data available and keep it on my iPhone. 


I want to be able to add some drop down items per contacts like the following.  Drop down one is Suspect, Prospect and customer.  Another drop down identifiy the the group of names like , trade show, Neighbors etc.  From these various drop downs I want to be able to slice my data to say, look up contacts that are my suspects, then sort by Illinois.


I just want a contact database with simpe pull down options for that I can identify.


I bet that FM can do this, but before I clunk down $300 smackers, I thought that I would ask you if this is the case.