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filemaker for dentists

Question asked by franksterling on Apr 20, 2010
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filemaker for dentists



i am a dentist specialising in implantology, working in different practices and using a mac.

three things that don't go together very well.


1. there is no dental software that does what an implantologist needs. usually there are tons of information that have to be added in form of a text in the notes function of the programs


2. different places have different softwares. none of them allows to take the data home and study the case


3. there are as far as i know just 2 companes that offer dental software for os x. both extremely expensive and no demos available (who would spend 5k + not knowing what he is buying???)


that is why i have an interest in filemaker.

i dont need appointment books. just a database with the different patients and sections that correspond to the diagnosis / treatments i do.

i had a brief look at filemaker and i think the whole thing could be quite straight forward to do except one part. the dental chart.

for the dental chart i will have to display 32 different objects (teeth) with 5 parts (surfaces) that can be either missing, blank (healthy) or coloured (fillings, crowns etc).

could anyone tell me how complicated it would be to program such a dental chart?


(example under the dental chart)


best regards