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    FileMaker for Genealogy



      FileMaker for Genealogy


      Does anyone on the Forum use FM for Genealogy (aka Family History) data ?  I'm using FM 8.5, and about to upgrade to 11, on Mac OS 10.5.  I needed a relational DB to tie together variety of data types:  census, vital records (birth, marriage, death), and church records (baptisms, marriages, burials).  So far I'm reasonably pleased with my (novice) efforts and results to date (although I'm still script-illiterate) but would like to exchange ideas/techniques with folks doing the same kinds of things.


      Update.  I've seen a few earlier posts which appear to address usingt FM as a 'complete' genealogy solution.  I already use Reunion for standard tree-oriented genealogy data, and don't want to replicate those features.  My use of FM is for managing large amounts of data about people with a single common surname, many of whom are not known to be related to others in the database.  So I have, for example, 15,000 individual Census entries, 5,000 church-event instances, and 30,000 BMD (Birth, Marriage, Death) records, and I match them through to an individual when-and-if I identify an individual.  FYI the genealogical term is a 'one-name study'.  Thanks

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          It's been a while and I to have the same question as the post before. I am willing to pay someone to make a template for the family genealogist. I have looked throughout the web and to find one to purchase. The software that is out there is so filled with be lout and sales from everywhere, which make my task of gathering important data challenging. It is my hope that someone  out-there has some answers.



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            Commercial genealogy software will generally try to adhere to the GEDCOM standard(s). As genealogist expect some standards between the various applications; therefore, they will tend to “… is so filled with lout …. “. However, genealogy developers will try to provide differentiators to their creations to generate appeal and still maintain the GEDCOM standards. The main benefit to maintaining the GEDCOM standards is so genealogy data can be easily transfer between the various software’s that can be created. The main differentiator being the presentation of data, that is the user interface.

            I have a demo (runtime, OS X) application called Your Relatives. Will run for about 30 days. It is of course created with Filemaker. It uses custom menus, as genealogist are interested in doing genealogy and are not interested in Filemaker, or what database was used to create the application.

            If you are interested in checking it out, let me know. Will have to figure out a way to provide you a Dropbox link. Will not place the link here as it may not be appropriate.

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              Sounds good your app is worth a look? 


              randydodds (at) iCloud.com


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                RD, it is an runtime for OS X, if you need Windows, I'll try to create one. Let me know.

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                  This sounds like something I've been looking for.

                  Is it still available?

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                    If you questions respond here.