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FileMaker for Genealogy

Question asked by genesguy on May 25, 2010
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FileMaker for Genealogy


Does anyone on the Forum use FM for Genealogy (aka Family History) data ?  I'm using FM 8.5, and about to upgrade to 11, on Mac OS 10.5.  I needed a relational DB to tie together variety of data types:  census, vital records (birth, marriage, death), and church records (baptisms, marriages, burials).  So far I'm reasonably pleased with my (novice) efforts and results to date (although I'm still script-illiterate) but would like to exchange ideas/techniques with folks doing the same kinds of things.


Update.  I've seen a few earlier posts which appear to address usingt FM as a 'complete' genealogy solution.  I already use Reunion for standard tree-oriented genealogy data, and don't want to replicate those features.  My use of FM is for managing large amounts of data about people with a single common surname, many of whom are not known to be related to others in the database.  So I have, for example, 15,000 individual Census entries, 5,000 church-event instances, and 30,000 BMD (Birth, Marriage, Death) records, and I match them through to an individual when-and-if I identify an individual.  FYI the genealogical term is a 'one-name study'.  Thanks