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Filemaker for the rest of us newbies

Question asked by betteranat on Apr 21, 2009
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Filemaker for the rest of us newbies


I'm new to using this software. Previously, we've used DataBase Pro. We've made the switch to Mac! The jury is still out on that decision since we've been finding all kinds of things that don't work on a Mac. Anyway, DB Pro was one of the things that won't work, so we bought this software and the conversion was smooth, except....(don't you know there will always be an except!) When I set up DBPro, I created several checkboxes for the different officers titles within our organization. I don't see anything like that here. In the help section it talks about setting up scripts, etc. for buttons. All I'm looking for is a simple checkbox or a radio button that we can either mark or unmark to denote whether a member holds one or several offices in a given administrative year. All of the offices are in the template for every member and we simply check the boxes that apply to that particular record. Later, we will be looking to use these checkboxes to sort members by their offices. It should be just a toggle. Generic. I didn't think that I'd have to re-create the wheel. Simple, but I don't find it in here, so what do I do? Any help will be appreciated.