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Filemaker Go and External Container

Question asked by DaveZavelson on Apr 7, 2012
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Filemaker Go and External Container


I'm having trouble getting Filmaker Go to read from an external container within Filemaker 12.  I've got the database setup and I'm able to access the database externally over the network through FileMaker Go.  So I'm able to access all of the records and data perfectly well from my iPad with the database from the host PC.

My issue is that I have a bunch of large video files that I want to be able to play on the ipad within the database.  I've stored the video within a Container field in the host database.  When I pull up that field in FileMaker Go is just tells me that the "File cannot be found" and shows me the path of where the file is on the PC.  I've tried embedding as a QuickTime and also just a File in the container.  

For what its worth, I have been able to the video to playback on the iPad if I transfer the whole database locally with the video in the container as a file.  But this won't be a good solution for me given the size of these files.  I can't have them all stored locally within Go.  They need to be hosted elsewhere. 

Thanks for the help.