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    FileMaker Go Barcode



      FileMaker Go Barcode


           Im using FileMaker 13 and FileMaker Go. Trying to scan a bar code. Tried to follow the steps online and when I scan the bar code I get and error "Specified field has inappropriate field type." The field is a container. I have tried to change to a text and number field without any success. Does any one know what im doing wrong.

           This is my Script:

           If [IsEmpty ( InventoryTest::Asset Tag )]
                  Insert from Device [InventoryTest::Asset Tag[GetAsNumber ( InventoryTest::Asset Tag )]; Type: Bar Code; Camera: Back; Resolution: Small]
           End If

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               Set InventoryTest::Asset Tag to a Text field (with maximum number of repetitions 1).

               Insert from Device[ InventoryTest::Asset Tag; Type: Bar Code ; Camera; Back; Resolution: Full]


               Your script is attempting to insert the barcode into the nth. repetition of InventoryTest::Asset Tag where n is equal to the current coerced numeric value in the Asset Tag field.  How many repetitions did you define for Asset Tag?  

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                 Thanks for trying to help Jade. My post did say I tried that, but just incase I missed something I tried again and it did not work. I do have repetitions set to 1.

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                   What Jade is trying to tell you is that this step:

                    Insert from Device [InventoryTest::Asset Tag[GetAsNumber ( InventoryTest::Asset Tag )]; Type: Bar Code; Camera: Back; Resolution:Full]

                   is not set up correctly.

                   The extra set of [] indicates that you are attempting to use GetAsNumber ( InventoryTest::Asset Tag ) to specify the repetition into which to insert the barcode.

                   Here's how one of my insert device script steps look for scanning a Bar Code in FM GO:

                   Insert From Device [ Globals::gBarcode ; Type: Barcode;Camera: Back; Resolution:Full]

                   Notice the difference?

                   gBarcode is a field of type text. It happens to be a global field, but it doesn't have to be for this to work.

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                     Thank you so much for clearing that up PhilModJunk. Thank you Jade for the help. Now it is scanning my bar code. Thank You