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    FileMaker Go for desktops



      FileMaker Go for desktops




           Is there any version of Filemaker Go for desktop?

           I'd like to put my application in one interactive terminal, such as the ones on shopping mall, fair exihibiion, etc.

           My operating system can be Windows, Linux or any other, but for desktops.


           I'd be glad to have any tip on how I  could workaround with FM. 




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               If networking from the Kiosk to a Filemaker Pro database on a host computer is not required, you can use FileMaker Advanced to produce runtime databases that can run on computers that do not have FileMaker installed. But this works only if you can make this happen within the limitations of a runtime so you will want to read up on that option carefully.

               Otherwise, you would Install FileMaker Pro on that Kiosk computer. (Or figure out a way to set up an iPad as your "Kiosk"...)

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                 Actually you gave very good ideas!!

                 Another idea that came up was using the Web Publishing .. but all required POC to see the adherence.

                 Thank you a lot for your great contribution.