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Filemaker GO transfer to Server?

Question asked by art_l on Oct 22, 2014
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Filemaker GO transfer to Server?


I am working on a new project that involves iPads and Filemaker Go.  (First Experience)

This is a relatively simple project that is laid out as follows:

Some Check boxes on a report

Some image containers

Signature box

Once this date is collected, it will be uploaded to the Server via internet connection from iPad.

My initial concept/experimentation seems to indicate I am uploading a separate file vs actually transmitting the data into the database. Ideally, I would like to match field to field and just move the new records onto the server and as they upload, they create new records on the database.

A technician on the road would be assigned, say, 10 reports to complete.  Once completed, these new records are uploaded onto a growing database.

Is this possible? OR do I have to write a script to take the 10 records saved in the export file and IMPORT them onto the server file?