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FileMaker hangs when connected to remote server.

Question asked by SamLaundon on Feb 25, 2010
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FileMaker hangs when connected to remote server.


FileMaker 8.0v3 & 9.0.3
Mac OS 10.5.8
Remote Server by Triple8

A very annoying problem that has started in the the last week. I have a complex database that is hosted by Triple8. When I click on a button to switch to a different layout, I get the rotating beach ball. At times I have had to force quit FileMaker, but the application does not always quit and I have to restart. Before, there is a slight delay in the switching to a different layout, but now the spinning beach ball can go on for many minutes.

I have checked with Triple8 and they assured me that nothing has changed on their end. Are there any suggestions as to what I can do on my Mac to eliminate this issue? Nothing that I know of has changed on the computer.

Thanks in advance for your help - Sam