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    Filemaker Image Archive linking to images on a server



      Filemaker Image Archive linking to images on a server




      Can filemaker be used as an image archive/catalogue with links to images held on a server? Would it mean having to link each image manually? Could Filemaker just be pointed to a folder and then flow images into container fields automatically?


      Could this then be linked to an existing filemaker document that exports data to printed Quark pages or perhaps combined in to one filemaker document? The xtags document for Quark that is exported (cleaned or filtered afterwards by an apple script) has the correct pathname (one option for MAC the other for PC) to help Quark locate the images on the server? Quark can be set up to look in a specific folders automatically for images whenthe document is open but it does not provide thumbnails of all the images.

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          Hi NR and welcome to the forum,


          You might want to have a look at this application for FileMaker which may be just what you are looking for to manage images and files on your server.




          Not sure about the Quark part of your question however. 


          I hope this helps 

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            This is a huge question. You will find hundreds of posts about this, either here or on fmforums (another forum site). FileMaker can do images in different ways. Which is best for your situation depends on many factors. Critical questions:

            Is the file path to the images rigidly structured? That is, for EVERY image, could the database calculate its full path from only data in the record?

            Example: prefix/Server name/client id/case id/category id/file name.ext

            Prefix would be either "imagemac:" or "imagewin:", depending on platform.
            prefix = Case ( Abs ( Get (SystemPlatform)) = 1; "imagemac:"; "imagewin:" )

            If the answer is yes, then you can calculate the entire path, in a FileMaker calculation field. If the result is Container (not Text), then FileMaker will show the picture in the field. It is equivalent to using Insert as [x] Reference into a regular container field. Because in both cases FileMaker just needs the path, in FileMaker syntax.

            If you change prefix from "image" to "file" in another calculation field, then you open the image file, with GoToField[ select ]

            If the full path is not known, they you can still use the above calculation method to a degree. But instead of calculating the entire path, you just use the calculation to produce a file path for given platform. In other words, Insert the image file as reference into a regular container field, but "display" it using a calculation (similar to above) which looks at the path that was inserted, and swaps in the correct prefix for the current platform. Or puts them both. FileMaker paths support both paths at once, if they are return-separated.

            If you put the calculated container field on top of the regular container field, non-enterable, then no one will even know that you are doing this.

            The FileMaker absolute path from a regular container is the last line of GetAsText (container field).

            Let (
            txt = GetAsText ( Contain );
            GetValue ( txt; ValueCount (txt))

            As far as "pointing to a folder", well, you seem to know some AppleScript, so you know about choose folder. On Windows there is a free plug-in, MooPlug for this. 
            On both platforms there is the Troi Flile plug-in, which is kind of expensive, but very capable. 

            Then there is command line on either platform, which can be run either natively, or via AppleScript on a Mac, or with a (free) plug-in which supports this.

            Lots of methods, lots of pros and cons, lots to know. I am not in the image processing field myself, but I like to dabble.


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              Addendum: There is also the FileMaker Import Folder command. Which can also generate a 128x128 thumbnail on the fly.


              Last but perhaps not least, the Web Viewer can show image via a URL syntax path.


              All path syntaxes, Mac AppleScript (old style), Mac Unix, Windows, FileMaker image & file, URL, can be converted from one to the other, somehow :-]