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FileMaker in real estate - grateful for replies from experienced users

Question asked by MarieThompson on Jun 24, 2012
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FileMaker in real estate - grateful for replies from experienced users



I’m in real estate and am exploring the options of using FileMaker for work. I have downloaded and am currently exploring a trial version. I would appreciate very much comments in general if what I am trying to achieve is feasible using FileMaker. No need for any technical advice at this point. The alternative for me would be a CRM product such as ACT!

I am planning on having one database of all PROPERTIES FOR SALE (and as time goes on: sold properties) within my company and in particular my own listings. This database would contain all marketing and sales details on the property itself and also who the vendors and tenants are, etc.

I would have another database of all CLIENTS (distinguished as vendors, buyers, other real estate agents, suppliers, etc.). This database would include their contact details and also criteria of the property they are hoping to find.

I would like to link the two databases so that I can instantly look up any given property and see e.g. which buyers have shown interest in the property and what date the initial buyer enquiry took place and whether a viewing is booked or has taken place and whether an offer is forthcoming or has taken place, etc. I would like to be able to show the chronology of enquiries, viewings, offers and eventually the sale of the property.

I would also like to be able to click on a particular buyer record and immediately see which properties this buyer has shown an interest in, viewed, etc. And which properties I have suggested to this particular buyer, whether the buyer decided to view them or not. I would ideally like to have a text field where I can write down some of the comments the buyers made, such as the reasons why or why not a particular property is suitable for them.

Can FileMaker be used as a diary or calendar so I can look up which activities took place on a certain day? E.g. I may have had 10 enquiries on 4 different properties on one particular day that I have diarised.

In short, at my fingertips I would like to be able to review:

-What real estate activities took place on a certain DATE

-What real estate activities have taken place for a certain PROPERTY

-What real estate activities have taken place in regards to a certain BUYER

Any input from experienced FileMaker users would be most appreciated before I decide which software to purchase!